Donald Burns is a telecommunications entrepreneur and executive, with a history of working with award-winning products and driving financial growth. Don is a prominent member of Palm Beach, Florida where he operates his non-profit – the Donald A. Burns Foundation. Over the years, he has helped push for the legalization of gay marriage and supports many local and national organizations. His innate capacity for detail and design has continued to permeate through with his most recent works of art both on land and water.


Don Burns is a dedicated philanthropist and leads his own nonprofit, the Donald A. Burns Foundation, headquartered in Palm Beach, Florida. Maintaining both local and national initiatives, the foundation focuses on supporting various community-oriented causes.

From LGBTQ+ support organizations to preservation societies and programs that support individuals with life-threatening illnesses, the foundation provides financial support for a wide range of nonprofit organizations.

Some of the foundation’s beneficiaries include the Gay and Lesbian Leadership Institute and Palliative & Supportive Care of Nantucket. The Donald A. Burns Foundation’s support for those with chronic and terminal illnesses also extends to God’s Love We Deliver, a New York City-based nonprofit that delivers approximately 5,000 meals daily to community members who are unable to cook for themselves.

Other organizations the foundation has supported include the Make a Wish Foundation, Humane Society, Boys and Girls Clubs, Victory Institute, Community Coalition, Town of Palm Beach United Way, Oxbridge Academy, Daniel E. Ponton Fund for the Neurosciences, Sustainable Nantucket, and the Sumba Foundation, among others. In addition, Mr. Burns’ foundation has provided grants that have allowed schools in Mississippi, Florida, and Massachusetts to build computer labs, buy instructional materials, and create athletic programs that serve urban youth.


Donald Burns has invested in the Razor House, an architecturally iconic estate designed by Wallace E. Cunningham near San Diego, California. Mr. Burns is also the owner of the award-winning Motor Yacht Chasseur. Both are incredible feats of innovation.

In addition to his executive and business experience, Mr. Burns has invested in the architecturally renowned Razor House in La Jolla, California, as well as the Motor Yacht Chasseur, designed by Mr. Burns in consultation with notable yacht makers Christensen Shipyards.

Mr. Burns’ Razor House residence blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape at the edge of the Pacific Ocean, near San Diego, California. The 11,000 square foot property was designed by Wallace E. Cunningham, one of Architectural Digest’s Top 100 Designers. The stunning Motor Yacht Chasseur won numerous awards in 2017 and features ultra-modern technological features with a sleek and refined design.